• Is the Madness a race?
    In short No, the Madness is a team challenge, your time to completion is irrelevant, but your attitude and determination is key. The Madness events are about challenging yourself and about having fun together.
  • If I want to go hard and fast will I get a finish time?
    Yes, the teams across the line will be timed.
  • What is the deadline on registering?
    The registration price will vary as the date gets closer, and you will be able to register right up until 10 days before the event date.
  • What is included in the entry fee?
    Course entry on the day, Madness T-shirt, registration pack with any offers and samples that our local sponsors would like to include.
  • Are there prizes?
    Yes, the majority of prizes will be spot prizes awarded at the end of the event, with the fastest teams and individuals over the courses recognized during this event. The emphasize is on the taking part, and the completion of the challenge.
  • What should I wear?
    Less is more, avoid lose clothing, no jewelry or sunglasses!
  • Trainers with quality tread are imperative, no cleats. Lightweight clothing that is fast drying. You should bring a change of clothing with you for after the event. If you choose to wear gloves, ensure that they are tough thick gloves.
  • Does the Madness run in any weather?
    The Madness events only get more exciting in mixed weather and the only reason for event cancellation will be made if the safety management is compromised.
  • Are there showers?
    No, we suggest bringing a towel and a change of clothing.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes and there will be parking staff on the event days.
  • Is there food and water?
    There will be water stations throughout the course and there will be food available at the event for purchase (bring cash).
  • Is there first aid?
    Yes, the first aid on the Madness events is a priority and is planned specifically to event numbers and weather conditions.
  • Where do I get changed?
    There are areas undercover and may be some additional marquees on the event days, however please be prepared to get changed by your vehicles etc if necessary.
  • Are there photographs?
    Yes there will be Madness photographers at specific obstacles and these will be offered to competitors after the event.
  • How are participants identified?
    Each competitor will have an event number written on Madness cotton tape to be tied around foreheads and upper arms.
  • Is there cell phone reception?
  • What is the access road like?
    Very easy, state highway 16 and then a good farm access road into the parking field.
  • Are their facilities on site?
    There will be toilets onsite.
  • Can my family and friends watch?
    Yes, the event is free for spectators, however there will be specific areas that your supporters may watch from around the entire course.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    No, this is a private area of farmland.
  • Can I complete the course if I have a disability?
    With the right team in support yes, please contact the Madness directly if you have any specific questions.
  • Do I have to do every obstacle?
    The Madness encourage you to take on every obstacle no matter what, often falling of an obstacle will drop you into a pool of water or mud and getting through and out is just as much of a challenge as the obstacle you have fallen off. If you choose to avoid an obstacle your fellow competitors will no doubt let you know whether it was good choice or not…
  • Can I get a refund?
    No, however you may transfer your event date if necessary up to two weeks prior to the event date.
  • What level of confidence in water is required?
    We recommend that every participant is able to swim 30 feet with ease. Swimming is required during the event.
  • Is there public transport to the event?
    Nothing supplied by event.
  • Where can I stay?
    Auckland City has a large range of accommodation available with budget to luxury options available. Book early!
  • Should I have insurance for the event day?
    As a working New Zealand citizen you may be covered by ACC, however the Madness recommends insurance for competitors.
  • What can spectators bring?
    Seats, strollers, video recorders, cameras, bags, umbrellas and lots of support!
  • What can spectators not bring?
    Alcohol, pets, bikes and motorbikes.
  • Must teams finish the course together?
  • Do we need cash on the event day?
    We recommend bringing some cash with you so that you can purchase food or additional beverages after the event.
  • Once we have completed our event what do we do?
    Congratulate yourselves and grab some food, support the other competitors and enjoy the atmosphere. We encourage you to stay for the prize giving at the end of the afternoon.
  • What is a Mule Maniac?
    A Mule Maniac is a person who has successfully completed the Mule course, you become part of the Mule Maniac community and will be kept in the loop with all exciting events, interesting Mule stories, celebrity events and more…so get to Queenstown and complete the MULE!