Mule Maniac event day information


The Mule Team has worked hard to create the Mule Facility, but that is just a small part of what the Mule event is about. We want to create a great atmosphere for participants and spectators, and encourage full support throughout all the events. The info below will ensure you have the right information to make your day the most enjoyable it can be! Be prepared and take on the challenge – you are the maniacs that make The Mule great!


Important “Mule” area rules for all guests to The Mule Events:

The Mule facility is located on a private working farm and as such we endeavour to respect and maintain this area – please assist us to do so.

  1. Please respect the environment – place rubbish in bins or remove with you, and if you see any blowing around please grab it.
  2. Please listen to all Mule Staff, if they ask you to move to another area it will be for your own safety or the safety of the other competitors and spectators.
  3. Spectators and competitors (when not taking part in an event) must remain clear of the marked course route and remain in the spectator areas.
  4. The Mule Facility and event is a non-smoking event, please only smoke in the designated area in The Mule Yard.
  5. Please be aware of the Moonlight track and vehicles / general public utilising this area.
  6. Please use the toilet facilities provided on site – portaloos, there are additional toilet facilities found at the DOC campsite next to Moke Lake itself.
  7. Do not feed the livestock or horses.
  8. Do not adjust any gates, cross fences or enter any buildings unless specifically guided to do so.
  9. Intoxicated guests to The Mule facility will be asked to leave for their own safety.

Please note that there is limited to no phone coverage at The Mule facility

Mule Participant Rules:

  1. Participants may not take part in The Mule event if under the influence of alcohol or drugs – The Mule staff will have the right to remove any participant.
  2. Participants must be at the specific course brief prior to their event. (please see timings)
  3. Obstacles – The Mule course is about the challenge, we encourage you to attempt all obstacles as many times as you wish, ultimately you will make the decision when to move on.
  4. If you witness or locate an injured participant please check if they are ok and ensure they are in a safe location before informing one of The Mule staff who will then immediately deal with the situation.
  5. Mule staff are located at significant points around the course and will be easily seen, the staff are for safety and to guide you on the course or obstacles.
  6. If for any reason you end your challenge early (DNF), please inform the team at the Mule Finish line so that you are accounted for within the event.
  7. Participants must remain within the marked course – IF YOU LEAVE THE MARKED COURSE YOU WILL BE NOTED AS DNF (DID NOT FINISH)
  8. Always land two feet together, this spreads the load and reduces any chance of injury. Remember this at all times, walls, overhead obstacles, jumping into water and pits.
  9. All participants will be required to sign a hard copy of the waiver form during event check in.

Scoring / Timing system for each event:

The Mule course is very much focussed on the challenge and how you and complete the course, and about who you do it with.  However we will be recording your finish times.  Obstacles are not scored – its all about honesty and having a… and challenging yourself!


Important Event Timings:

10km, 5km & Mad Mile events

  • 0730 – Car parking at DOC campsite this year please
  • 0730-0830 – Registration / Check In Open CHECK IN FOR 10km and 5km / On the day registration available for 10km and 5km Events (Cash Only)
  • 0850 – 5km and 10km Briefing at Start Line (all 10km participants to attend, Individual and Team together)
  • 0900 – START (5km and 10km together)
  • 1100 – On the Day Registration and Check in for the MAD MILE Event
  • 1130 – MAD MILE Start
  • 1230 – All Events Estimate complete

(Mule Maniac “registration” packs and T-shirts collected at registration)

This years event is somewhat smaller due to Mule Event Management groups elsewhere and in the lead up to the Public event, so please bring food, drinks etc and take on the challenge (the main part), have fun and we will see you in the pub afterwards!!

What to bring:

  1. Clothing for the eventwe recommend running style clothing, however you may wear pretty much anything you like… but remember this is a family show!  Avoid lose items that can snag on obstacles and terrain.
  2. Footwear with good quality gripThe course consists of more water elements than destructive mud and as such we strongly recommend good quality footwear designed for all terrain use.
  3. Warm, dry clothes and footwear for after the eventwe encourage you to support other competitors and to enjoy the Mule Yard facilities, but better to be warm and dry when doing so.
  4. Cash (no eftpos on site)food, drinks and photos available on site at the Mule Yard. MULE HOODIES ON SALE THIS YEAR ($60)!!!
  5. Personal Medicationplease ensure you have all specific medication on site.
  6. Towel – you may be wet at the end of the event. (there are no shower facilities on site).
  7. Supportersspectators are very welcome, please ensure they are aware of the rules and facilities.
  8. Sense of adventure, humour and some serious energy!!it will just help!

Facilities on site:

  • Toilet Facilities
  • Drinking Water

Parking and Vehicle Movements:

The road to Moke Lake and The Mule Facility is a narrow dusty track and can be dangerous so please:

  1. DRIVE CAREFULLY and allow enough time to arrive without rushing.
  2. MINIMISE VEHICLES – Share rides and car pool as much as possible please.
  3. STAY CALM – and enjoy the views and landscape

Spectator Info:

  • Please ensure that your support team, friends and family are aware of the attached rules. They are more than welcome to bring picnics and beverages.
    Intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave The Mule Facility.

  • We would also encourage supporters to make the most of our partners products and take the time to take in the whole event.

  • And if they don’t cheer loudly enough they may be asked to reconsider their support techniques!