ADIDAS SUPER RUGBY 2017 Jersey Launch

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Oh yes…it means a lot to the Mule Event Management Team to be invited to assist with providing a certain skill set to the activation launch of the 2017 Super Rugby Adidas Jerseys for the upcoming British Lions Tour.

IMG_3750This time last week the MEM Team were preparing to head to location of the infamous MADNESS course to set up a gruelling short course to be used the next day for the launch.

Working at short notice and with the information as it developed from our new amazing client, SPARK Pr & Activate, we headed north to Auckland to rendezvous with one of the original Mule Team, Chris.  Having organised the elite tractor unit to assist with the set up, we constructed a fantastic and varied 666 meter course of pure hell.  At this stage we still had the idea that the key players who were turning up to show off and introduce their teams new jerseys would be having a go at the obstacle course..but oh no..this course was meant for a whole different group of participants.  THE PRESS…yes, to instil a true understanding of what the NZ teams are going to have to put on during the games to protect their territory from the mighty Lions, the press were invited to take on and experience just a taste of what being ‘ready for anything’ is all about.  And to truly understand that by taking on whatever is in front of them, they too can be ready to protect their territory.

IMG_3703So with a long list of well known presenters we embarked upon yet another exceptional event. The images and footage that has since come from the day tells the story, we are still tracking down all the pieces, but check out “The Crowd Goes Wild” Episode 33, StuffNZ, NewsHub, TV One, TVNZ, George FM, The Edge, Mai FM, Maori TV, NZ Herald, Radio Sport, NZME and many more, in fact let us know where you have seen the event.

We are truly grateful to be acknowledged time and time again to assist with businesses, teams and products at the very top level, and the Mule Event Management Team thrives on these experiences.  More to come in the next few posts #Sydney Rooster #Real Teams Program #Team of TeamsIMG_3631

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