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Event day fun, we want everyone to enjoy their experience on the day whether it is running in the challenge, volunteering or supporting, and the guys who have come out to feed and sustain you throughout the day.
As a first event, the time and effort has been placed on getting the course set up and constructed to be a true challenge with a view that we can build this event up bit by bit every year.
So there are no big sponsors at this first event and the opportunity to provide a refreshing larger beer (RLB) is somewhat limited due to licensing requirements these days. So please bring anything you wish to have after the event, utilise your sober drivers! And look out for some prizes from Hallertau along the way.
We would love you all to hang out after your challenge to support so get yourself sorted, bring some cash for pizza and crumpets, coffees and smoothies, and any special celebratory beverages you choose to bring along.
Friday weather looks ideally crap and wet but Saturday is currently looking like a good day for the event.

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