What is the smart way to create a more energised, lively conference? How about some result driven facilitated conference sessions?

Whether it is a short burst of energy that is introduced into the conference programme, or a progressive session that interacts with the group and demonstrates at all levels what can be achieved through some of the simplest practices. Mule Event Management has a selection of proven products that can be tailored to suit your conference needs and focus points.

Please contact us about other products that will enhance your conference.

Please note that the CONFERENCE SESSION products are great as conference warm ups, after lunch wake ups, final session wrap ups and pre-function alternative entertainment.

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Individuals and teams can learn how to handle the unexpected, create confidence and foster creativity. Facilitated by a professional improviser and winner of both the NZ and Australian Theatresports national titles your group learns the relevant improvisational theatre skills and games to have them thinking on their feet, get inspired and laughing.

Time Indication: 1 – 4 hours