Course markers…and cows

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On the day teams you will be briefed on course directions and markers but here is a heads up:
Around the start, finish and trainasium the route will be heavily marked with tape.
Most of the course will be guided by keeping the white pigtail posts ALWAYS on your left, these posts have orange tape tied to them…or had as the cows keep eating it and we are running low!
If the route puts you on a track it will be made clear when to come off that track with arrows and / or staff members.
The beginning of each mile is sign posted as reference points, so be aware of the course map that you can see on the website.
If at any point you lose track of where you are heading, stop and look for the last pigtail post or obstacle and then go back to it if necessary to locate the next direction.
DO NOT rely on the people in front of you going the right way…unless you are a sheep!
After a few waves we believe the course will be fairly obvious even without markers but all of our events are about staying switched on throughout, if you head is down and you aren’t keeping a check on things you could go wrong!!
So check out the map now, get a clear picture in your head of the order of the miles and we will see you at the briefing!!


With any equipment you must use, logs and stretchers, please return them as you found them to make the wave system run smoothly for all involved, thank you.

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