31st October 2020


Hunter Games public event

The New Zealand national event series – open to individuals (or enter as a team).

*All Hunter Games participants must 13 or over or accompanied by an adult

Game info:

Truly unique to New Zealand – The annual Hunter Games are on!

The Mule Event Team have created the ultimate adrenalin fuelled, Halloween inspired game for all to enjoy.  A challenge that undeniably incorporates and offers participation for everyone no matter what level of fitness you are.

The Hunter Games require stealth over speed, tactics over all out strength, the ability to stay focussed and composed, to plan your route and ultimately come out as a survivor!

The arena is set, 20 obstacles lie between you and survival…good luck!

How it works:

Participants will take part in 3 x 45 minute games.

The first 2 games are based simply on survival, participants are split into two groups, the Hunters and the Hunted (you will be both roles during the entire event).


Enter the arena and are tasked with removing the ‘lives’ from the Hunted (simply by grabbing one of the hanging tags from the Hunted participants waists, only one at a time)


Participants have 45 minutes to complete as many obstacles as possible within the arena, you may hide, sprint, dodge, run, crawl…you choose.


Can only be completed if you have lives remaining. They must be completed as described at each obstacle. You may not loose a life whilst crossing an obstacle and the immediate area around each obstacle is marked as a safe zone.

Hunted ‘Lives’

These are simply long tags tucked into the waist belt of the participants that can be grabbed by the Hunters. Each participant starts with 2 lives, and can collect a new life at the safe cones when necessary. (limited to 2 lives at any time).

Safe Zones

Areas around the arena provide a safe / rest zone for the hunted, here they can find water, staff, location map, new ‘lives’ and some friendly encouragement…maybe even some tactical advice. Obstacles are also considered and marked as safe zones.

Survival Recording

Each participant is issued with a specific named wrist band (or equivalent) that is used to record obstacle completion with the custom hole punches at each obstacle. (un-cheatable)

Survival Rating Board

At the start and finish area participants can assess their survival rating from the score board.

Hunter Games Marshalls / Referees

Roam the course keeping track of the rules of the game and acting as on site assistance.

There is no set course, you may not leave the arena, you may not make physical contact with anyone else (unless assisting on an obstacle), you may not complete an obstacle without any ‘lives’, you must return to the track and then the Hunter Games HQ when the game horn is blown.

All participants have the chance to be both Hunter and Hunted.

The final game of the event is a true Halloween inspired Zombie Apocalypse…all participants may enter the arena and commence their survival attempt…but as the trained staff of zombies grab you, you too become a zombie chaser immediately…will anyone survive?

The Hunter Games has been designed to offer a completely different obstacle challenge event, a fun, an all encompassing Halloween mission.

Event day info:


Hunter Games check in open from 0800hrs
First game 1000hrs
Second game 1100hrs
Third game 1200hrs

After party location and time TBC

Hunter Games price until 30/09/20


per personN.B. price is shown per person

Late entry price until 24/10/20


per personN.B. price is shown per person

Under 13 price until 24/10/20


per personN.B. price is shown per person

Please note: Under 13 must be accompanied by a paying adult


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