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So today it occurred to us that perhaps a bit of a break down to the kind of obstacles that you find on our obstacles courses might be useful and of interest to participants and potential participants.
Let’s start with what you won’t find on The Madness and The Mule courses:
Skips full of ice…we have rivers and if they are too warm just let us know.
Electric shocks…maybe if you touch the fences but we have never found this element to be a particularly exciting or testing as an obstacle and often asked not to include it.
Slides…now this is one we will be looking at and hope to get a curved feature slide at The Mule in Queenstown soon! Once we have the gear we would look at future use at The Madness courses.
The large curved finishing walls, these are a great feature but are a large scale temporary construction which makes it hard.
Let me clarify that last comment, the multi story, grand scale obstacles are always fun to assault at any course, but here in NZ we are a small country with a currently limited number of maniacs ready to take on these crazy events. This does mean that setting up huge obstacles specifically for one location for one event is a major risk, and cost. You only need to price up a couple of 6m plastic culvert pipes (tunnels) to begin to understand the dollars involved. That is not to say that the investment is not made by us, our guiding principles are, after all Integrity, Challenge and Value. So if we say that it is an obstacle course…it really will be.
So what do you find on a Madness course:
Walls…lots of them, varying from 1.2m to the 2.7m, then we have the angled to or away from you 1.8m and 2.4m walls, plus the mixed hole in the wall obstacles that you go under, through or over. A wall is a true obstacle and requires individual physical effort or combined teamwork, and we love the walls.
Hanging hoops, both the Mule and the Madness courses feature hanging hoops, in fact this feature on The Mule course stands to be the largest constructed obstacle outside of military camps in NZ.
Hanging poles, simple tube bars that you must hang on to and move along. Great upper body work.
Monkey bars, everyone loves them, loves to have a go at them or loves to smash through them. The Madness features 13m of these whilst The Mule has a set of ascending bars built into the countryside.
The Weight carry elements, unique to The Madness, we have the stretcher carry and the log run, from experience we know exactly what these obstacles represent and require to achieve well, if pushed hard these elements will truly test your morale and team but will be a memorable experience! The Mule has a simple tyre carry that works well to slow the racing snakes down a little.
Crawls, from barbed wire and wire crawls to 50m long net crawls, both courses make the most of this challenging obstacle format. And they are always placed in a muddy location.
Arm bars, The Mule has a double set of arm bars that require strong shoulders to complete.
The Madness Trainasium feature is truly unique and although of a slightly more tame version than we hope for in the future, this multi level element will ensure you are comfortable with heights.
Tunnels, natural features are well used in both courses, with a short sharp ditch and tunnel element in The Madness and a custom zig zag built timber set of tunnels in The Mule course.
Swims and River Runs, The Madness features at least two river swims, and we enjoyed these hard cold elements at a course in the UK last year. The Mule features a significant river run in two locations on the course, hard going on the legs!
Other obstacles are rope climbs, swings and ladder style climbs that feature in some way on either The Mule or The Madness courses.
All of the above are fun and difficult elements to any course, but really come together when placed carefully around the natural features…and these should not be overlooked on any course.
Ditches and trenches, these feature heavily in The Madness course, along with marsh runs and boggy tracks…
Hills, The Mule actually has a rope descent incorporated into it and it is a very cool obstacle that must be attacked with caution, both courses make the most of the hills with carefully placed ascents throughout the course. Don’t hate the messenger, just accept they are hard and need to be dealt with!
At the end of the day, we really do aim to produce truly challenging obstacle based events that are nitty gritty real challenges. We would best describe the courses as quality steeplechase courses. And we are always looking at ways to construct the large scale cargo net climbs and rope crossings, but have a bit of that already going on at The Madness course.
We are always open to suggestions and enjoy sharing ideas with all involved, budgets are always the hinderance and The Mule and The Madness courses are funded by one person between jobs at this stage. So keep sharing and getting involved and we can get the reputation NZ obstacle courses need!!






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