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Hi Maniacs,MULE PARTICIPANT INFO 2015 Winter compressed

The Mule (Winter) 2015 is only a few days away and with participant numbers up from last winter by over 100%.  Of course that could be down to the change in event date from July where we were breaking ice of the obstacles and following the footprints in the snow to find our way, to this spring date of October 31st…Halloween.

We have opened up the Mad Mile event for this day as well and have some good numbers going to take on the fast and furious short distance.

A few things have changed and developed from our last events, across the range of events we are now doing away with registration packs.  That doesnt mean that we will not be sharing partner products and any giveaways, discount vouchers etc that are being offered, but these will be available at the check in desk before and after the event.  With many years of partaking in other events ourselves, the reality of registration packs is that you will eat anything inside, drink any drinks and grab a few vouchers, but a plastic bag and many other bits of info often get lost, thrown away or overlooked.  Apart from a waist, this system has never felt particularly green, so we are changing that! There will still be any partner info and discounts available so just ask if you cannot see, and the MC on the day will be pointing out various items throughout the event.

We have added in a series of angled walls, improved the markings yet again (although the last event was the smoothest ever) and improved the water obstacles in the river….(I am sure you will be pleased to hear that!)

As always spectators are more than welcome and we ask you to respect the attached rules for these guys.  There will be coffee and food available from the start to the finish of the event so please BRING CASH to enjoy this delicious and much needed items!  You may also want to consider bringing some $$ for the purchase of a MULE hoodie, this year we will be offering the two different colour ways and we may have some once used options as well at the lower price of $50. Normal brand new will be $60. (CASH ONLY)

Timings and wave info are attached within this blog, they will also be sent out to the representative of your team or yourself if in the individual categories, and posted on the Facebook page.  Keep sharing this info and make sure everyone knows where they are going and what they need.  And The Mule team will look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday!!

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