Why the MULE? Queenstown March 18th 2017

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The Mule – by the very nature of the beast is a tough, resilient, pack animal that works in a team to get a job done.  It is stubborn and strong, and slightly humorous! Well..kind of, that description actually fits the Ass more than the Mule…but come on, could we really create an event called The Ass!! Just think of the comments and planning processes for the teams…”taking on the ass this weekend”…”kicking ass tomorrow”…”got to beat the ass???”…”do you want to be in my ass team?”…its just wrong, funny but wrong…

…so the event is called THE MULE!!

And what can you expect at THE MULE – this March 18th 2017?

In short – lots of fun and a true challenge:

The Start – You, your fellow participants and your team mates will take up a position on the start line after the safety and course brief.  Lying face down on the gro
und, smoke will engulf you before the shotgun starts you on your challenge.  Use this time to focus, get the heart rate up and unleash the energy required to launch you into the event!

The Initiator obstacle – The First water pit, sets the scene nicely for your commitment to the challenge, dont avoid this..if you do you are off course and therefore disqualified, but get straight into it, plough through it, dont let it slow you, and enjoy the suspiciously warm water!

The course will take you along the edge of a field and across the river to follow the track around and back across the river before hitting the next obstacle.

INITIATION PIT - get wet & get involved

The Five Walls – One of the best obstacles, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 4ft, 4ft walls, 8meters wide allowing for many teams to take them on at the same time. Dont underestimate
e these, the 6ft wall often requires good teamwork, and always face the obstacle whether going over it or coming down from it, keeping your body low and the centre of gravity low over the walls, with a two foot landing of all obstacles. (protect the ankles!!)

Crossing the river once again, bearing in mind this river is normally ankle deep in most places only.

The Tyres – A simple classic obstacle that requires fast legs to hop, climb, or speed over the bed of tyres.

Entering the river once more, you will remain in the water – THE WATER IS THE COURSE until you are guided out of it.

The Semi Submerged Obstacle – requiring some great commitment its time to duck under, feet first and get clear of the aluminium structure.  Watch you head on the way out and turn back to help those behind you.
Continue down the river and exit to the right when you see the orange markers and tape.

The Hanging Hoops – Quite probably the largest built structure outside of any military obstacles course in New Zealand.  6 Rows of nine hanging hoops sit above the flooded ground below, as you approach you may use some dust or grass to dry off your hands before attempting the first swing.  GOOD TECHNIQUE TIP – swing once and grab the next hoop on the second swing each time, this allows you to look at the next hoop and watch its movement (from other participants or the wind) and then grab it at the best time.  Continue this more controlled technique until you get to the other side.

Duck up through the undulating matagouri bush area ant water pit to another 6ft wall over a fence line, then turn down the track and follow it along to the big field.

Heading through the gate of the field, follow the markers towards the Pits.

The Pits
– three trenches dug into the high side of the field partially flooded.  Get through all three, helping those around you before charging down the slight descent to the big wall.

The Big Wall – 8ft! As you approach you want to get focussed on this significant challenge, use momentum and safe technique. There is talk of some boot camps that will be training people to practice good technique for the obstacles involved so follow us for more info if these happen!!Remember to go low over the top of the wall and land with two feet at the same time facing the obstacle.

THE BIG WALL - 8 feet of challenge

The Arm Bars – Next up is the gymnastic style arm bars, multiple rows allow for many participants to complete the two sets at the same time.  Strong shoulders and ke
ep the momentum going, running the legs in the air might sound silly but will keep the body moving forward..try it.

Turning sharply left, follow the markers over the metal grates and into the crawl.

The Crawl – 150 feet of muddy net crawl…its just fun, so do it!

The Tunnels – Timber constructed tunnels weave there way up the course, so get involved and get through them…stay low, move fast!!!

The Hipster – This is simply a series of timber construc
ted hurdles at about waist height, sounds easy…not by the time you get to it.  You go over each and every one.

Balance Bars – Non of the five inches of the ground rubbish…nope, these balance bars are nice and tall and require teamwork and great balance.

Rope Swing – Significant because its about half way on the challenge, a quick rope swing and you can move on to the tyre carry.swing-1

Tyre Carry – Lift and carry a tyre up and around the marked section of the course, this is where the training will really kick in and will set you apart from other participants.

The Hills – Dont be scared..hills are healthy, so we get you going up and down this section a couple of times.  WEAR GOOD GRIPPY TRAINERS!!!

Contour along the hillside and enjoy the views before descending through another obstacle.

Over and Unders – Quick little aluminium structure obstacle that you go over..and under, according to the signs.

Scramble back up the next ascent and continue along the hillside, narrow track with great views, before a short ascent and climb over a fence line.

HILL DESCENT - seriously steep descentThe Rope Descent – One of the best and possibly most intimidating obstacle elements, 60m of rope allows you to safely descend the steep mountainside…have fun and try a few different techniques out.  If confident face down the hill and use the rope, if wanting a more authentic use of the rope, two hands on the rope and descend back first holding the rope to control your speed.

Turning right at the bottom of the rope decent and remaining within the fence line, follow this along where the markers guide you until you pop out on to the track and head up and away to the furthest point on the course. The route will take you back down to the river on a steady descent. You then run UP the River back towards the next obstacle.


Mud Crawl – One of the muddiest aspects of the course, the crawls demand you to get low and slide your way under the obstacles.

MUD CRAWL - an enhanced natural gully complete with hill water run off

Uphill Monkey Bars – A solid test of both commitment and upper body strength.

Heading around the markers, back into a small pit and up to the 6ft fence wall you crossed earlier in the course.

Following the track back into the big field to hit The Pits for the second time and then straight on to underneath the steal structure and over the next main obstacle.

The Pole Pyramid – Looks cool..gets you over a fence….so get over it.

Straight ahead to another 5ft fence wall, jump over this and immediately turn right down the inside of the field.  Follow the markers around the edge of that field to the popular tree obstacle.

Ladder Obstacle – The tallest of all the obstacles, set amongst the popular tree area, climb up and over carefully, both ladder sets and then continue.

Its then a short sharp burst up the stream and under the fence to the last obstacle and the finish line.

Finishing-Team-hands-upFinish line –  up the stone embankment and over the fence to complete the challenge and earn your Mule T-Shirt.

…then its down to Ballarat Trading Company for a beer or three..


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