Last event: 8-Oct-2016

Bay of Plenty public event

The New Zealand national event series – open to individuals (or enter as a team).

*All Obstacle Run participants must be over 12 or accompanied by an adult

Course info:

Approx 8km long

Obstacles are a mixture of climbs, walls, overhead, tunnels, natural, lifts and carries, mixed terrain trail running course, gravel track, forest access roads, single bush tracks and more

The Bays premier obstacle race.  Designed by New Zealands first ever, World Championship Obstacle Racer, Joshua Bishop.  Challenging but achievable, the Obstacle Run is designed for people to test their limits, discover their potential and have a great time doing it!

“The aim of the OBSTACLE RUN is to showcase the sport of OCR with some of TECTs best trails alongside our obstacle challenges.”

Based at TECT park, this course will immerse you in nature’s finest as you run through native bush, soft pine, narrow tracks and a tunnelled area.  The 8kms is a manageable distance for all while still providing a real kicker for those seeking the challenge.  The course is enhanced by specially designed obstacles, this event tests your fitness, balance, agility, determination and strength.

No section will be the same and racers will have to keep their wits making decisions based on the ground and obstacles they encounter.

We want to encourage first timers to take on the obstacle event world as well as those who have already embarked on their fitness journeys and looking to experience something different to the norm.

Event day info:


Obstacle Run check in open from 0700hrs
First wave from 0900hrs
Last wave approx. 1200hrs (depending on total waves)
(start waves based on 50 pax and 20 mins apart)
Prize Giving – Immediately after the event at the Obstacle Run Hub

Early bird price until 30/05/16


per personN.B. price is shown per person

Please note: all OBSTACLE RUN participants must aged 12-14 (accompanied) or older

Late entry price until 01/10/16


per personN.B. price is shown per person

Please note: all OBSTACLE RUN participants must aged 12-14 (accompanied) or older


Results from our 8th October 2016 OBSTACLE RUN event now up to view here:

OBSTACLE RUN start wave times