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Time to give you all the secrets that you need to know…some people are put off from entering The Mule event because they think that they don’t have enough time to train.  Unfortunately that mentality is your first issue, because unless you start training, you are never going to get stronger and healthier.  And having clear targets / events is the very best way to get focussed and get out and active.

Queenstown is a hub of activity and events, and most people choose to live here to make the most of the environment that surrounds us.  Today I can share that you can now directly benefit from some of those people who have chosen to make this their home.

PEAK MOUNTAIN FITNESS has teamed up with CROSSFIT QUEENSTOWN to deliver the competitive advantage of over 20 years of military experience.  Your instructors have come from the elite military units of the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers and the Royal Marine Commandos.

Already I hear you saying, “it will be too hard”, “it will be a bunch of people shouting at me”…well your not entirely wrong, it will be tough, thats how you know its working.  And you will be encouraged with conviction by the team!  But as Scotty from Peak Mountain Fitness explains:

“We are offering authentic military physical training. Obstacle course training. You will get wet. You will get muddy. This is not a 5 week beasting. This is a 5 week education and preparation to ensure you are ready for the next evolution. THE MULE. “

peak mountain fitness MULE prepSo no matter where you think your fitness level is, break out of the norm and take on the training with ‘MULE PREP’.

We at The Mule are driven by people and by offering genuine value, and believe that what these guys are doing is exactly that.  They are highly experienced individuals that make up a team who want to see you get stronger, more confident and have fun doing! Contact them directly or through us, and anyone training with ‘MULE PREP’ will be eligible for a 10% discount to The Mule Event on Saturday 18th March.

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