From the most fun team orientated relaxed events through to elite physical challenges, the Mule Team Building department has something for you.

From the most fun team orientated relaxed events through to elite physical challenges, the Mule Team Building department has something for you.

With a highly experienced team ready to create and customize a half day, full day or multiple day event specifically for you and your team.

Nationally or internationally, let us work with you to focus on the most effective team outcomes, whether that is purely having fun together or really focusing on some key elements within your team.

“Sitting for 8 hours in any conference room can drain the best of people.  The team from Mule Event management joined us at the end of one of these days and the IDA workshop they did for us was outstanding.

They were professional, fun, engaged the audience and encouraged them to step outside of themselves and let their creativity and imagination soar.  The show was hilarious and feedback from staff was amazing.

We would certainly recommend this event to any organisation,  it was incredibly successful.”Sue Crawford, General Manager, Marsh & McLennan Agency Limited

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Developed and Facilitated by a 6x times winner of the international acclaimed Wearable Art design awards, you explore the combined creativity of your group in a vibrant design event that takes a simple theme and with the inspiration, creative design skills and co-ordination of each team produce a stunning wearable piece of art that would have any model on the catwalks of Milan green with envy.

Time Indication: 1.5-2.5hrs + Event Fashion Show Option

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Tearing open the envelope to reveal the first challenge teams will be immediately inspired and engaged to complete the given task as quickly as possible as they will then be handed their next location envelope and the great race is on. Locations could be separated by just a street, or half the city but each team must display speed, accuracy, strategy and team work to find each location and solve each challenge to win the title of your company’s Creative Explorer. Where ever you are in the world, each race will be specifically designed to ensure your team will face creative clues, diverse challenges and fun characters to make the most of the variety of locations and the objectives of your program.

Creative Explorer 2

Adding hi tech excitement with the use of smart phones.  Teams are SMS texted specific clues to have them scrambling over the city to find the right location – there they must photograph a object revealed in the clue incorporating the team logo and company name in the most creative way possible, on competition of this task they text the photo back and are immediately sent the next clue to diagnose, discover and test their problem solving skills and ultimately their creativity. As teams navigate the city streets and solve challenging team exercises they discover the creative team force and visit fun and exciting locations.

Time Indication: 3-6hrs location specific