logo-meettheteam-w-400At Mule Event Management we take pride in the people who make the company what it is, ultimately they are the ones that will not only add the experience and knowledge but the passion, care and fun to any event we undertake for your group. When working with the MEM team, you will be provided the most suitable members of the team to develop your event with you, armed with event experience ranging from regular 400-600 person unique events to stunning group incentive trips, gala dinners to Sydney New Years Eve celebrations and multiple day interactive characters and activities.

Our highly experienced team is made up of individuals who are all driven by one clear unifying fact – exploration, whether it be physical, mental or creative, and often all three, the Mule team love what they do and look forward to meeting you and your team soon.
With offices in New Zealand and Australia, the team is well placed to continue to take creative challenges to groups all over the world.

Dugald Peters

dugald-peters-400Take the best – push it to its limit until you can see past that and onto sublime then you have Dugald’s interest!

He’ll swim a lake, run up a mountain then jump off it strapped to some rope and a thin piece of fabric, and it’s that endless thirst for adventure that drives him to pursue physical, creative or artistic challenges, hunt them down, conquer and push on.

From scholarships in Italy, sculpture awards in Scotland, and a Master of Fine Arts in Edinburgh Dugald enjoys all things creative and in recent years has focused on one-off pieces of furniture design and custom made commissions.

With 7 years in the British Parachute Regiment fine tuning his logistical skills and a further 10+ years working in the corporate, conference and incentive field in New Zealand.  Dugald focuses his energy on providing the best service possible and has created the “Kick Back” Programme as a way to give back some of the teams broad experiences.

Patrick Duffy

patrick-duffy-400Patrick refuses to describe himself in the third person and he will be the first person to tell you that but it will be second hand information.  He is a self proclaimed swiss army knife of the entertainment world, a performer, director, designer and executive smartypants.

Trained as a graphic designer, and sign writer then combining his artistic talent to his love of theatre to become a sort after set and theatre prop designer and winner of 6 awards at New Zealand’s prestigious wearable art awards.

For over 15 years Patrick has performed improvised comedy and theatre around the world and established Cleverfool Creative, a corporate entertainment company specializing in the conference and incentive market.

His comedic and physical comedy skills has seen him become the only performer in the world to have won both the NZ and Australian title of National Theatresports Champion.

Christian Glinister

christian-glinister-400Chris’s undeniable passion for training, guiding and coaching brings a true asset to the MEM team. With over 5 years of service with the British Royal Marines, Chris’ experience has been at the sharp end.

Chris has an ability to instil confidence in any group, he is a compassionate and skilled individual who is a true team player, never one to focus on himself and this translates to any group he works with.

Chris’s calm manner allows him to explain and demonstrate techniques, systems and talk through procedures in a way that all embrace, understand and enjoy.

Ian Wilson

The soft sergeant major type! The family man of the outfit, Ian brings 22 years of British Military service and a further year of specialist security management to the Mule Team.

This combination of management in extreme environments and the delicate roll of recruit training provides the perfect background for Ian to add huge value to any of our team building, leadership and management programmes. Ian’s humour and humility makes him an integral part of the team, whilst his energy and care will see him working that little bit harder to make the event the best possible experience for those involved.

Josh Bishop

As a sponsored athlete Josh brings a drive and determination that has pushed him through to becoming New Zealands first representative at the OCR World Championships in America (2015). As a full time firefighter, part time soldier and fitness coach, Josh’s enthusiasm and energy translates perfectly within the Mule Event Management Team. As such Josh has created and co-directs one of the national ‘Stronger, Harder, Tougher’ series of obstacle events – the Obstacle Run, Bay of Plenty.

Kieron Ross

kieron-ross-400Kieron has been non-stop since he could crawl, from adventures in the Parachute Regiment to setting up a highly successful RaceFit training business in Scotland.

With close ties to Mule Event Management, Kieron has played a crucial role in the development of the all terrain obstacle course series and continues to be a font of knowledge and advice with every step the business takes.

The Mule Event Management team page might read a little like a rag tag bag of elite individuals making up a truly awesome team… and if it does, then we have got the info across just right.  The bonus is that this team will work to make your event the very best it can be on all levels.  So take action now and get in touch now!Mule Event Management