The River Mile

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With yet more rain today it made complete sense to check out the river mile. In it’s fairly full state today, the river flow is still nicely under the walking speed pace that allows us to make a judgement call on crossing it or not.
It looks like we will be hitting the river by following down one of the hillside gully run offs from the last of the big walls of mile four. Sliding into a narrow ditch that will become a tunnel on the day you and your team will enter a slow moving water section and power through it to the track crossing. From here it will be back out and onto the same side bank to navigate the slippery mud to a quick fence crossing. Shortly after this you will cross the river for the first time via the rigged cargo net and move along the opposite bank until you reach the first open swim crossing. Returning to the main bank you will almost immediately hit a wetland crawl / tarped tunnel section before running on along the main side bank. This area is flat and offers a chance to move fast between each soaking to keep warm! Move over the fallen tree and you will see the rope crossing ahead, ideally you cross this remaining above the top but if you have the strength to hang on underneath it will save you another swim!
Moving along the opposite bank again you and your team will enter the water for a 25m swim down river to the exit point of the river mile.
Any team member not confident in swimming should remain on the main bank for the entire mile shadowing their teammates all the time.
Above is the ideal plan and we now have some serious ground anchors to assist, any changes will be noted and posted as set up problems arise constantly!






2 Comments on “The River Mile”

  1. Max Bell

    Is the 25m swim down river the longest distance in one go? Or is there longer stretches? I’m trying to practice getting my swimming confident enough that I won’t have to shadow for any of it 🙂 Practicing now to stay safe.

    1. themulenz

      Hi Max, The 25m distance is an estimate, the final river crossing may be more diagonal and down river but the decision will be made once we see the river levels as it does flood in which case we make a different route. As long as you are confident in assessing with your team, and with the river section we will emphasise caution during the briefings.

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