Next event: 17-Sept-2016

Auckland Public Events

The New Zealand national event series – open to teams of 2 or 4
*All MADNESS participants must be aged 16 or over

Course info:

  • The course is between 14-16km (9-10miles)
  • Every mile (1.6km) represents a different aspect within the challenge
  • The below diagram highlights the different miles
  • The course is over mixed terrain, including hills, mud, forests, rivers and more

Designed and driven by former members of the British Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine Corps, this 9-10 mile (14-16km) event is going to take your team to new boundaries…and then push them further!

We have taken elements from two of the British Forces most elite units selection processes and combined them to create a unique taste of the adventure for you to enjoy.

Every mile of the route represents a new element of the challenge, from covering distance fast to working efficiently as a four person team, dealing with water obstacles and height awareness set ups to assault phases and classic obstacles…one thing is for sure, great morale will keep get you through it.

Event Day info:

  • MADNESS check in from 0600hrs
  • First wave from 0700hrs
  • Last wave 1300hrs
  • (start waves are based on 40-60 pax and 20mins apart)
  • Prize Giving – Timing and location TBC





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Early bird until 30/11/15


per personN.B. price is shown per person but must be booked in teams of 2 or 4

Please note: all MADNESS participants must aged 16 or older

Final price until 10/09/16


per personN.B. price is shown per person but must be booked in teams of 2 or 4

Please note: all MADNESS participants must aged 16 or older


The important points


The ‘can do’ attitude – The ability to take on anything in front of you gives you the edge. Get your mind around the challenge and know that you can do it from start to finish. Enjoy the diversity of the event, the range of terrain and the standard of the obstacles.


All the training and ability in the world is wasted if it cannot be enjoyed, and the most useful resource for tough adventurers taking on substantial challenges is that of having great morale. Laugh in the face of adversity…and when the going gets tough…make sure the tough do get going – over the next obstacle!


Not into running too far…then its all about the challenging obstacles, only available twice a year. With over 20 obstacles on the course, you never have far to travel before hitting the next high spec task! Focus on the obstacles and the teamwork and you wont even notice the km fall away behind you.


1080 State Highway 16
33kms out of Auckland city towards Woodhill