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Mule events

Exclusive terrain based obstacle courses designed as an elite Queenstown adventure combining mud, rivers, mixed terrain and hardcore obstacles to create the toughest of challenges for you and your team.

With the most strategic course layouts constructed to test your level of robust fitness, your can do attitude, camaraderie and your mental commitment.

As tough as they are, the adventurous atmosphere of the Mule events make it easy to focus on the fun you are having and not how many obstacles you have beaten or how much ground you have covered.

With the constantly inquisitive nature of the modern athlete / adventurer, the need for the next challenge to be a memorable one has become the driving force behind the Mule. Combine that with a passion for creating opportunities for individuals and teams to push the boundaries, to test what they are made off and to surprise themselves with the results that they can achieve together.

As such the Mule has been put together with physical diversity in mind, doing the distance and the hard work with the best possible motivation and teamwork backing all participants.

Course design

Designed by former members of the British Parachute Regiment the Mule has been set up as a training tool for all those wishing to constantly improve their robust fitness and develop their all terrain skills.

The Mule creates an environment that demands true grit and determination, physical stamina and strength to overcome it efficiently.

It requires mental agility to adapt and overcome to the variety of obstacles and challenges, and a sense of humour creates the great morale needed to enjoy the endless options to push your limitations each and every time you take on the course.



The Benchmark Course the Mule offers, 10kms, over 20 obstacles, all terrain elements including the brutal hillside phase of the course offering a further opportunity to enjoy the location and the scale of the event.

Complete the Elite course with your best mates, share the pain, share the satisfaction and share the achievement. (Teams of up to 4 people).

  • 10km of varied terrain including rivers, hillsides, tracks and fields.
  • Over 20 specific obstacles, excluding all natural obstacles and additional fence crossings (4 foot walls).
  • Includes obstacles of 5/5 level of difficulty.
  • Includes significant hill ascents and descents.
  • Includes the Mule sandbag carry.
  • Includes the River Run obstacle.
  • Route offers fantastic elevated views of course and landscape.
  • More obstacles, more mud, more water, more challenge!

10km after 04/03/20




Looking for a serious taste of the adventure, all the mud, water and obstacles packed into a short course and kept on the main valley floor. An impressive challenge and with over 15 obstacles to test your resilience and drive!

Whether it is a team challenge, some fancy dress fun, or just you and your mates backing up a late night ballsy decision…the 5km team event is the challenge you need and wont forget – get involved.

  • 5km of varied terrain including rivers, tracks and fields.
  • Over 13 specific obstacles, excluding all natural obstacles and additional fence crossings (4 foot walls).
  • Includes obstacles of 5/5 level of difficulty.
  • Route offers multiple challenges whilst remaining on flat terrain.
  • Includes the first 5km of the 10km Elite course.
  • Serious challenges within a spectator friendly course!

5km after 04/03/20


1.5km – MAD MILE


The Mule Mad Mile is the perfect option if you love obstacle but not kilometres… with 13 obstacles packed into this short, sharp distance.

“Mad” because it is all about speed and covering a mass of obstacles in the shortest possible time…also mad because it is 1.5 miles!

Great for the kids to get involved, especially as they are free with an adult.

  • 1.5m of Mad Mule fun.
  • Specific obstacles plus natural obstacles and additional fence crossings.
  • Low level obstacles allowing some serious muddy and obstacle fun for family teams!

Mad Mile after 04/03/20


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Obstacle types

Varied Terrain / Sure foot Obstacles:
  • Gully-Run-Bones-Black-and-White
  • Confidence in foot placement will allow you to move faster over the terrain, however identify the surface and placement of your feet when necessary
  • On the steep ascents and descents lean into the hillside
  • Don’t be afraid of tripping in the water runs, if you constantly think about each step through the water obstacles you will slow right down
  • Training – strong legs, ankles

Ground / Crawls and Tunnel Obstacles:
  • Commit to the low level obstacles, enjoy the mud, the water and take the rough with the smooth
  • Training – Co-ordination, core strength, upper arms, upper legs
  • Practice crawling as low as you possibly can, work the arms and legs but keep the middle of your body very low to the ground, ultimately you will save energy and move more efficiently over the obstacles

Overhead Obstacles:
  • Monkey-Bars-Winter-Test-Black-and-White
  • Keep a strong grip on each hand placement
  • Momentum is key, use the constant energy from the initial launch into the obstacles and keep it going until the other side
  • Keep the fluid motion going and rest at the end of the obstacle not half way through
  • Training – Arms, shoulders, core strength

Wall / Climb Obstacles:
  • Commit to taking the walls at the first attempt
  • A fast approach will give you momentum as you drive up and over the wall
  • Get an arm over the top of the wall and capitalize on the initial driving momentum to leverage your body over the wall
  • On the bigger walls lower yourself feet first and drop to the ground
  • Land with your feet evenly together
  • Training – Strong legs, strong upper body and core strength

The important points


The ‘can do’ attitude – The ability to take on anything in front of you gives you the edge. Get your mind around the challenge and know that you can do it from start to finish. Enjoy the diversity of the event, the range of terrain and the standard of the obstacles.


All the training and ability in the world is wasted if it cannot be enjoyed, and the most useful resource for tough adventurers taking on substantial challenges is that of having great morale. Laugh in the face of adversity…and when the going gets tough…make sure the tough do get going – over the next obstacle!


Not into running too far…then its all about the challenging obstacles, only available twice a year. With over 20 obstacles on the course, you never have far to travel before hitting the next high spec task! Focus on the obstacles and the teamwork and you wont even notice the km fall away behind you.

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