Results from our 18th March 2017 event

Well done to all involved, a huge thanks to all Mule Maniacs who made it another great day!  Check out the results – and be sure to give us a shout if you see any typos with names & team names.

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The MULE 10km

18th March 2017 event
1001Elaine Farrell1:31:40
1002Russell StevensonDNS
1003Craig Connolly1:37:00
1004Larry Gronau1:15:56
1005Stephen Dobinson1:47:59
1006Marlene Hajek1:59:20
1007Harald Hajek1:59:20
1008Danny Allen1:34:20
1009Tom KnoxDNS
1010Charlotte Bunnett2:27:59
1011Tony Thomson1:40:17
1012Matias Torres1:28:59
1013Jamie Lamb2:17:33
1014Will Chambers1:22:15
1015Shaun White2:15:42
1016Anais Weimer2:15:42
1017Shane Dunne1:05:14
1018Julien Facci1:20:16
1019Marie Strikova1:48:16
1020Koren Taylor1:38:20
1021Trevor Burke1:40:17
1022Phillip Xie2:10:40
1023Stacey Povazhnaya2:10:40
1024Philip Harvey1:30:18
1025Janene Whitehead2:00:35
1026Jozef Szebesta2:00:35
1027Aino Kari2:00:35
1028Karim Alcalde1:38:34
1029Ben Logan1:06:34
1030Lewis Lewis2:06:40
1031Max Rangitutia2:08:53
1032Fraser WilsonDNS
1033Lukas HavalaDNS
1036Kelly Katrina Komasi2:06:54
1140The Disco Daves1:50:56
1142Paddy's Day Cure1:32:45
1143Lulu 12:33:15
1144Lulu 21:31:12
1145George Washington1:38:12
1146Blister Sisters2:17:33
1147Team Unbreakable2:10:40
1148The Mighty Flower Arrangers2:08:53
1150Dumbledore's Army1:37:50
1151BREAK 1 TEAM1:30:18
1152Nasty Women2:27:59
1153Rebel Leaders1:13:35
1154Rebel Warriors1:50:10

The MULE 5km

18th March 2017 event
5060Eva SutherlandTBC
5061Claire Gardiner51:37
5062Joelene Haupt40:54
5063Raych BellTBC
5065Tessa McKenzie52:10
5066Sarah Carson50:52
5067Jacqui Galea50:52
5068Bethany Cowell1:03:43
5069Henry Evans1:03:45
5070Cassandra Maita1:03:42
5071Svenja Becker1:03:41
55723 Expats and a Kiwi45:15
5573Precious Peg40:04
5575Wet Possuma54:40
5576Public Kitchen Crew1:01:55
5577Salt & Pepper Squids47:00
5578Eat Pasta Run Fasta1:01:55

The MULE "Mad Mile"

18th March 2017 event
MM01The DobbosTBC
MM05Boys Team24:15
MM06Girls Team24:20
MM09Sue Moore Team19:53
MM10Erin BathTBC
MM11Vani YoungTBC
MM12Chase Williams33:00
MM13Michelle McGuirk33:00
MM13Lorenzo CarrizalesTBC
MM14Karelia Gonzalez32:20
MM16Julia Morum32:24
MM17Remarks 726:40
MM61Remarks 5TBC