Set in the natural rugged terrains of Moke Lake and Ben Lomond Station at the edge of Queenstown, Mule specialise in immersive leadership and development courses that are designed to challenge participants through controlled leadership scenarios, strategic team building, and adventure-based experiences.

Guided by highly trained professionals with diverse skillsets, Mule provides a platform that allows leaders and their teams to gain a better understanding of their own capabilities and inherent boundaries and leave with the tools to pursue growth, accountability, and strategic leadership.

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1/2 day


Simple, effective team development over a half-day course. Real challenges with real outcomes run in a concise and applicable format that is suitable for all. From school groups, to corporate teams the Thunderbolt is a quickfire development course that looks at communication, obstacle training, team challenges and motivational consequences.

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Full day


Looking at Individual leadership development within a team environment, this unique one-day programme delivers a true look at how you and your team function. Highly experienced team facilitators will guide your group safely through simulated, real time challenges by setting and understanding personal and group goals.

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Full day


Task Orientated Team Event run over one full day is designed to test individuals and teams within a constantly evolving series of tasks that ultimately result in the extraction of the group to a safe location. Through a series of agility-based tasks that require swift and effective evaluation, the vanguard challenge is designed to be run anywhere in the world and capable of being extended over several days.

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3 days


An immersive leadership course spanning three days (two nights) set in New Zealand’s most stunning natural terrain. Through facilitated command tasks, training, trust-building, navigational learning, adventure races and mountain challenges, the experienced Mule team will aide you in further understanding great teamwork and accomplishing tasks efficiently.

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Here’s where we can take it up a few notches. Designed with the bold in mind, our extended courses put immersive leadership development on supercharge. We have curated a series of experiences that take you on a journey over the course of multiple days. Whether it’s based at Ben Lomond Lodge, or stationed at remote campsites in Queenstown back country, these programmes tackle leadership, team facilitation, bonding and personal development through intensive navigational training, adventure challenges and cross-terrain activities.